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Xmas 2019

Santa and his Reindeer's came to town


06 Jan 2020

All the Balmore Boys and Girls received a special visit in December from Mr Claus and 2 of his reindeer's.

He came with a special surprise for each child and to tell them all how good they had been all year, he hopes to be returning next year with all of the children still on the 'Nice List'

We have no doubt that all of our Boys and Girls will still be on that list!!

This year our penguin department (3 to 5 year old) took part in Whoops a Daisy Angel and what a wonderful performance it was from them all. They worked hard rehearsing and it sure paid off!

Through the festive season we also took part in lots of carolling events, we visited our local care home and also took trips down to our local Lidl, during these visits we raised £95 for Simon Community and our wonderful parents donated warm clothing for us to donate.

Our children finished off with their Christmas parties in the nursery with all of their friends, this was a fun time for them all.

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